Muropri is a company in constant development and with many concerns, dedicated completly to the storage and supply of processed products and items annexed for industrial hygiene, collectivities, hospitality, facillitys. vehicles and nautical.

Working in this clean sector make us think about commitment and concern for a cleaner environment. This has led us to promote a continuous improvement in the quality of the processes used by the organization, in order to be a more competitive company that allows us to respond to the needs of our customers, through evaluation and monitoring of these processes and activities, as well as their impacts on the environment, to prevent pollution that could be generated, thus maintaining a sustainable relationship with the environment around us and the neighbouring

The management of MUROPRI is directed towards total customer satisfaction, and we understand that we will only be able to get it, taking into account the specifications and expectations of the same and working to maintain their trust and loyalty year by year. This purpose lead us to comply at all times with customer requirements, applicable legal and regulatory both to our industry, as well as to those related to our environmental aspects, as well as to other requirements that the company creates appropriate.